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Thursday, May 05, 2011

How Wisconsin Can Save Money

Why does the State of Wisconsin have a full-time Legislature?

I hear talk around town that the Collective Bargaining Restrictions that were passed, and are now holed up in Court, are going to be re-passed again as part of the biennial budget. I'm curious why the bill can't be passed as a separate entity. It seems like all these different laws get folded into budget bills, and it got me thinking: Why not have two month-long Legislative Sessions per year, when everything is passed, and then people can go home and stop drawing paychecks. Legislators can be paid for two months of work per year instead of 12. If you just load of Budget Bills with non-budget items, aren't you really arguing that you don't have to be in Madison at all, except to pass the budget?

A bonus to getting Legislators out of Madison: They are less likely to think up wacky ideas to put into law because they won't be lunching with Lobbyists all the time. A part-time Legislature would depress the local economy however.

I've also been thinking: Why aren't Counties in Wisconsin consolidated? My understanding is that Counties originally were sized the way they are so that a horse-ride of a couple hours would get you to the county seat if you had to take care of any business. Well, it takes less than an hour to get to Madison, Dane County's Seat from just about anyplace in the county. Why aren't counties merged together? Think of all the duplication in services and jobs that could be eliminated if, say, Sauk, Iowa, Rock and Dane County merged into SIRD county, or if Milwaukee/Racine/Kenosha Counties all merged. Seriously: Why the status quo with county size?


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You can combine services (say the sheriff) over multiple counties while leaving the counties small and answerable to the local people (say for zoning, etc.). It can work.

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