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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Words I don't like to see being used


Here's a bad example of usage, from Express Science: Here, we elucidate this question by using 26 years of satellite data to drive a simple physical model for estimating the temperature response of the ocean mixed layer to changes in aerosol loadings.

Now, why don't the authors just answer the question!? No, they elucidate it. But to explain a question is not the same thing as to answer it.


Blogger The River Otter said...

I LOVED your comment on Althouse re: trolls. Totally true and also great advice for other times when you want to respond to an email that just pushed all your emotional buttons. Great advice. (I started using the "save as draft" for such situations.)
True, elucidative, and well-said. I hope people listen to reason!!

11:25 AM  

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