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Monday, January 14, 2008

What I've thrown away on powerball this year

I will update this periodically, when bad judgement gets the better of me and I buy a powerball ticket. So here are the days I bought lottery ticket(s), and how much I spent. I should note that the last time I played, in November, I actually matched the powerball, for the first time in several years.

I'm curious to see what I spend each year, and this seems as good a place as any to keep track.

12 January: $2 at Hilldale Sentry
Update: Well, that was $2 wasted!

4 February: $2 at the Open Pantry on Regent Street
Update: another $2 thrown away!

13 March: Another $2 at the Open Pantry on Regent Street (I pass there on the walk to work sometimes)
Update: Another $2 ripped up and cast to the four winds.

2 May: Sometime yesterday I noticed that the jackpot was up over $170M -- if the odds are 170M to 1 then I've won when I bought a ticket. (Can you tell I didn't do well in statistics?) So I bought 5 at once and -- ugh! -- two of my picks have the same powerball. I hate that.
Update: Well, at least when you throw away $5 like I did on Saturday, you can spend $.41 and mail the ticket to the Super 2nd Chance drawing. Hope Springs eternal.

Sometime later in May: I threw away another $2. I have to say, though, that I think I'm wasting less money this year than last

25 June: I was buying gas on Speedway -- cheapest I've seen in days!! -- and I bought two tickets.
Update: Didn't match a single number!

23 July: Yesterday, at Sentry Hilldale, I was shopping for food and they charged me $6.80 for a pound of shredded cheese that was advertised at $4.67! I didn't realize this 'til I got home, and I had to go back, but they refunded the $6.80 and I got to keep the cheese. And I used $5 of the refund to buy 5 tickets at the Open Pantry on Regent on the way in to work this morning.
Update: Well, it should suprise no one that I won nothing. On the plus side, I didn't use that money to buy fattening snacks -- I've lost 5 pounds this summer!

I've bought 2 $5 powerball tickets since that last update. One just before going up north camping, and one on Saturday. In both cases, I won nothing. The jackpot now is close to $150M, so I might try my bad luck again.

20 September: I filled the tank with gas on Speedway and bought $5 worth. Here's one thing I'd love to do: Go to a restaurant and pay everyone's bill for an hour (anonymously) and have a leisurely meal, observing the reactions. I guess I'd have to arrange that beforehand, so I'd do it at my favorite place off the Square, since I know the owner. But not this time, I won nothing!

Earlier this month (October), I bought a single ticket, and won nothing. Another dollar ripped up and thrown to the four winds.

Add six more dollars to the total, from two weeks ago. Bummer.


Blogger john said...

Madison Man,

What you said to Roger about his dog a few days ago: "One day in the future you will look into the eyes of another dog and see your past dog looking back at you, wagging its tail, and your heart will sing."

Great observation. We are going through a hard time right now, about to lose a cherished family member, a hound to lymphoma, and only 4 years old. Funny, I have been more worried about life without him already, and especially about me being the strong one who needs to comfort the kids and my wife. I will say what you said when the time comes, and by your words hope to give that comfort. To myself too. Thanks.

BTW, there are a dozen or so Althouse commenters who are really artists of the written word. I comment but maybe 1 in 10 of my comments hits the mark. However, thats up from 1 in 100, so I stay with it. Your comments are always appreciated.


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